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About Company

"Talent For Globe"carries out its activities based on principles of confidentiality, professionalism and individual approach to obtain all types of visas for our clients.

“Talent For Globe” is established as a Co-Brand in order to cater for the European market.

We possess the best experts in the field of international visa requirement laws for Work visa and visit visa in order to ensure that you receive high-quality services taking into account your personal interests, preferences, opportunities and goals.

We, “Talent For Globe” is a well- established manpower Co-Brand in UAE and it is located in the commercial city of UAE, Dubai. We ventured into the Dubai market segment to fulfill the burning demand of skilled and unskilled employment opportunities for Europe.

At the inception, the mother company of “Talent For Globe” focus was on the travel and tourism industry. The management of the company ventured into a new brand, “Talent For Globe” concerning the growing demand in Europe for skilled workers.

We are humbled to mention that we managed to deploy more than 300 skilled workers to the European job market during the pandemic period even though the Global economic conditions were not in our favour in the last 2-3 years.

With our rapid growth, we are planning to open our wings in Doha Qatar and We are planning to branch out to Kuwait or Saudi Arabia in the near future in order to cater for the growing demand.

We started our activity back in 2019 with the provision of consulting services in the field of Travel &Tourism visa process. Professional approach to solving problems of various complexity levels, attention to detail and trust of our clients— all these contributed to the company’s rapid development in 2021.

“Talent For Globe” treats personal data with respect, therefore, it carries out its activities based on all the principles and requirements of the Privacy Policy.

We provide the highest level of information protection, which excludes the possibility of its disclosure, modification and use by third parties. “Talent For Globe” means a UAE service, professionalism, reliability and safety!

Work Permits That We Process


If you are a citizen of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or a member of SARRC countries and wish to work in Poland, you landed at the right place. We will make sure you will get your Work Visa for Poland. The validity of a work permit is for three years and you would able to obtain your permeant residency and your family citizenship after 5 years.


A work visa is a long-stay visa that lets you stay in Lithuania if you have found employment. We would be able to help you to obtain your work visa and work permit from Lithuania as we work directly with Lithuanian clients. If you are looking to work or migrate to Lithuania, you have landed at the place. Let's connect, we will get you the Lithuanian Work Visa.


Malta is the smallest state in the European Union but that does not stop it from being one of the popular places to live and work. From gaming to financial services, various industries are flourishing in the country thereby creating job opportunities for skilled people across the globe. Talent For Globe managed to obtain a lot of Work Visas from Malta in recent time and our team knows what's to be done in order to get the Work Visa.


A lot of Asian citizens prefer to migrate or work in Serbia as it is located in a great strategic position in Europe. If you wish to work in Work Serbia , you need to obtain work permits from the government of Serbia. We would be able to help to you obtain a Work permit and a job in Serbia Please contact us via WhatsApp or send us an email


There is a great range of industries to discover for expats seeking to work in Romania. The country has a rapidly expanding production of telecor products, and the aerospace industry is also growing. Key areas are machine-building, metals, textiles, and chemicals. If you wish to work and live in Romania, Talent For Globe team would be able to fina you a work permit and righ job for you.Lets connect.


Obtaining a work permit for Bosnia-Herzegovina can be a lengthy process but the Talent For Globe team would be able to help you to obtain a work permit and a job for you without going through a bigger hassle. In order to apply for a permit to work in Bosnia-Herzegovina, you will need to have already secured work in the country, as your prospective employer will need to apply to the country’s Employment Service on your behalf.

The Visit Visas That We Process


Our Visa Process



Leave a request on the website or call us directly, and the Visa processing expert of “Talent For Globe” will contact you, and help you to choose the most suitable Work Visa program for the European Union. This is the first most important thing that you need put a lot of thinking since this will be the first step towards your big Dream.


Handing Over
our Documents

We will advise you the best option that is available for you, based on the skills and experience you have. If you wish to proceed with the Job opportunity that we suggest, you can submit your CV, Passport copy, Photos and experience certificates that you have so that our team can apply for Work Permit.


Getting Your
Work Permit

Getting Your work permit is done by our team with our client in Europe. This process may take a little bit of time based on the country that we work in.Further, this process gets invoiced by the government agencies therefore, our team works with the client seamlessly in order to get your work permit soon as possible.


Getting Your

Once you get your Work Permit from the respective country’s government, we will process the rest of the documentation that will be submitted for the embassy visa appointment. We will advise you if you need to submit additional documentation and our team will help to find and process this documentation. 


Deployment to

Once you get your Visa, it is time for you to fly to the required country to start your new Life.

We will help you to obtain the right air ticket and other necessary documents for you to fly to Europe. We shall discuss this with the client so that you will be informed of the dates and time of the departure time.